Now Offering Skincare Products

If you are undergoing treatment for cancer, you may have noticed a new found sensitivity to smells. A side effect of treatment, many cancer patients become nauseated when exposed to certain aromas and odors. To their dismay their favorite perfumes, meals, scents, and skin care products may no longer appeal to them.  

Additionally, cancer treatment can take a toll on your skin. Skin-related side effects are common when undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The most common of these side effects include the following:

Chemotherapy Side Effects:

  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Sore hands and feet
  • Facial rashes

Radiation Side Effects:

  • Radiation dermatitis (radiation burn for short)

Visit Suncoast Cancer Institute for Your Skincare Needs

At Suncoast Cancer Institute, we believe that our patients are our number one priority. Therefore, in true Suncoast Cancer Institute fashion, we now offer two different lines of skincare products for purchase in our office. These products were developed with cancer patients in mind and are made of quality ingredients. Below you can find more information on the products we now carry.

Lindi Skin Products

With product lines for Radiation Skincare, Chemo Skincare, and Anti-aging Skincare, Lindi Skin’s products are all gentle, safe, and created with you in mind. Whether you are about to start treatment and are interested in preventive skincare, or are in the midst of treatment and are looking for relief, Lindi Skin is a wonderful option. Visit our office to learn more about their products.

Violets Are Blue Skincare Products

Violets Are Blue Skincare was developed by a breast cancer survivor, who while undergoing treatment, identified a need for truly clean and organic skincare products. With products ranging from deodorant, to foot salve, to body lotions, and facial serum, Violets Are Blue has a product to meet the needs of every individual. We invite you to learn more about Violets Are Blue by visiting our office.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about our exceptional line of skin products, please be sure to stop by the Suncoast Cancer Institute front desk. We are happy to provide you with additional information and samples. We want all of our patients to be the most comfortable as possible during their cancer treatment, and we feel these top of the line products are aligned with this mission. As always, thank you for choosing us for your treatment.

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